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Etellect is a world class technology company at the cutting edge of cloud-based business solutions and application development.  We create and support intelligent cloud-based solutions that deliver real value and benefit to support the unique and custom requirements of our customers.  

Our ethos is rooted in our wish to create business solutions that our customers need and aspire to. It is this that drives our daily activities to ensure, above all else, that we respond effectively and appropriately to support their own business need and objectives.

Founded in early 2000, Etellect's knowledge and experience, in relation to building advanced, cloud based digital solutions, is second to none.  We pride ourselves at being able to offer digital solutions that are outstanding rather than ordinary.

The future's bright ... and automated
The Future of Business Software
Etellect has been at the cutting edge of developing cloud based software applications for almost two decades and is well placed to make predictions on what the future holds. We believe that the recent advances in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive AI technology is set to transform the way organisations interact with software and their line of business applications.

We have developed a Integration platform as a services, which enables our clients to benefit from this technology today. We work with businesses and organisations that have the foresight and drive to embrace process automation software for the benefit of their workforce, their customers and their productivity.
Why settle for second best?
We believe that for businesses to succeed in today's digital world, it is necessary for them to adopt a new mind set of how people-centric software should be procured and implemented. Transforming your business to be an agile, customer led organisation, cannot be achieved by simply bolting on a customer facing web based front end to your legacy applications or back office server based system. 

See why our technology is different by design and decide for yourself what's the better approach.
Why settle for second best?
We listen, we understand then, and only then, do we act
We listen, we understand and then we act
We believe developing world class software is as much an art form as a technical discipline. When we engage with a potential customer, we take time to listen to what their business challenges are and spend time understanding their requirements. Only when we have fully quantified and understood their goals and objectives do we feel ready to present a technical solution. We also only offer a solution if we feel we can help and add true value.

If we feel our solution and value proposition isn't the right fit we say so. We don't try to shoe horn in our technology if their isn't a genuine fit, something, in our experience, that generic software houses will fail to do.  If we do offer a solution, the likely-hood is that our value proposition is simply too compelling to resist as any mainstream business technology provider will be unable to compete, both in terms of the technology and the price.  We call this the Etellect Value Proposition.
Digital transformation above all else needs agile software
We often get asked what are what causes digital transformation projects to fail. Though there maybe a number of reasons why projects can flounder, the primary reason, in our experience is the limitations of underlying technology platform and its failure to implement the bespoke processes efficiently and effectively.

Traditional line of business software applications, though built to be flexible and generic, fail to provide enough agility when trying to implement the custom business processes that make each organisation unique. Successful businesses tend to operate in a non-standard way and over time have adopted niche processes or operations to enable them to differentiate their product or service.

Digital transformation above all else needs agile software
The evolution of business software
The natural evolution of business software
Business software has evolved incredibly quickly in recent years and process automation technology is now offering the potential of huge productivity gains over traditional line of business software applications and technologies. Successful organisations now recognise that it is imperative they adopt highly versatile cloud-based software to be able to compete in tomorrow's changing digital landscape.

Etellect has been developing business software solutions that combine the power, flexibility and strength of the Microsoft .NET framework, and associated server applications, to develop an agile, fully cloud based integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) architecture to address this digital future. Why not find out why our technology is ready and able to transform your people-centric processes and why it is so important to the future prosperity and productivity of your business.
Humans and technology working in perfect harmony
Adding intelligent process automation, to any people-centric process, removes the burden and cost of having your staff deliver low value administrative tasks, freeing them up to focus on higher value, more creative activities.
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Our technology solutions are designed for more established businesses and organisations that are struggling to maintain customer experience with existing systems and integrations. If you believe your business or organisation could benefit from our innovative digital solutions, we would love to hear from you. Why not contact us today to setup a free discovery meeting? Only when we understand the challenges you face, can we make a difference.
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