Retail Solutions
Streamline your customer experience with intelligent automation
Retail solutions for a streamlined customer experience
Retail businesses are focussed on engaging customers and ensuring the retail experience runs smoothly from a searching, trying, buying or returning angle. Customers will judge the retail experience through their online engagement which influences customer loyalty and retention directly. At Etellect, we focus on giving your customers the best customer experience through their retail interaction.
Ensure you are always on top of your retail performance with our standard and customisable reporting function.
Real-Time Sales Order Processing
Real-Time Sales Order Processing
Get an up-to-the-minute handle on all your sales orders processing through our automation engine to ensure your management information is up to date 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Payment Solution
Payment Solution
A full integrated payment solution, EPayment from Etellect links with all major UK acquirer banks and automates the management of all payment activities.
Integrated Stock Control
Integrated Stock Control
Keep on top of the stock levels at all of your retail outlets in one simple management report to ensure you manage this process effectively.
Provide your customers with an excellent customer buying and returns experience through our eCommerce solution.
Customer Database Management
Customer Database Management
Manage all your customer records through our integrated CRM platform which fully controls your contact and customer information.
Intelligent and connected CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have evolved significantly over the years, becoming more intelligent and connected. Intelligent and connected CRM refers to a system that not only stores customer data but also uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to analyze this data and provide actionable insights.

These systems are connected in the sense that they can integrate with other business tools and platforms, such as marketing automation software, social media platforms, and customer service tools. This allows for a more holistic view of the customer, enabling businesses to provide a more personalized and efficient service.

Intelligent and connected CRM systems can predict customer behavior, automate routine tasks, and provide real-time analytics, among other things. They can also provide recommendations on the best ways to interact with customers, based on their past behavior and preferences.

This type of CRM system can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, marketing, and customer service teams, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Automated sales and order processing
Automated sales and order processing is a system that uses technology to automate the process of selling products or services and processing orders. This can include everything from managing inventory, processing payments, and shipping orders to tracking sales and analyzing customer behavior.

This system can be beneficial for businesses in several ways. First, it can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to process orders, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. Second, it can help to reduce errors and improve accuracy, ensuring that customers receive the correct products and that payments are processed correctly. Third, it can provide businesses with valuable data and insights, helping them to better understand their customers and make more informed decisions.

Automated sales and order processing can be achieved through various technologies, including e-commerce platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. These technologies can be integrated to create a seamless and efficient sales and order processing system.
Integrated Stock Control
Automated, integrated stock control and order fulfilment is a system that combines the processes of managing inventory and fulfilling orders in a seamless, efficient manner. This system is typically powered by software that automates various tasks, reducing the need for manual input and minimizing the risk of errors.

In this system, stock control involves tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries to ensure that a business always has the right amount of products on hand. It can also include forecasting future demand to prevent overstocking or understocking.

Order fulfilment, on the other hand, involves processing orders from customers, picking the right products from the inventory, packing them, and shipping them to the correct address. This process also includes handling returns and exchanges.

When these two processes are integrated and automated, businesses can enjoy several benefits. These include improved accuracy, faster processing times, reduced labor costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. The system can also provide valuable insights and analytics, helping businesses make informed decisions and strategies.
Integrated stock control and warehouse management
Integrated stock control and warehouse management refers to the combination of systems and processes used to manage and control the inventory levels, storage, and distribution of goods in a warehouse. This integration allows for real-time tracking and management of inventory, reducing errors, improving efficiency, and saving costs.

This system includes various functions such as tracking inventory levels, order processing, picking and packing orders, shipping and receiving goods, and forecasting future inventory needs. It also includes features like barcode scanning, automated reordering, and reporting tools for better decision making.

The integration of stock control and warehouse management ensures that all inventory data is centralized and updated in real-time, reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking. It also improves warehouse operations by optimizing storage space and streamlining the picking and packing process.

Moreover, it provides valuable insights into sales trends, inventory turnover, and customer buying behavior, which can be used to make strategic business decisions. It also enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and accurate order fulfillment.
Integrated Payments with EPayment
EPayment offers a seamless integration with your existing systems, allowing you to manage all your payment activities from one place. This includes processing credit and debit card transactions, setting up recurring payments, and managing refunds and chargebacks.

The integration with EAutomate means that all your payment data is automatically synced with your other business processes. This not only saves you time and reduces the risk of errors, but also gives you a complete overview of your financial situation at any given time.

Moreover, EPayment supports a wide range of payment methods, including all major credit and debit cards, as well as digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This ensures that you can cater to all your customers' preferences, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Finally, EPayment's robust security measures, including full PCI compliance, ensure that your customers' sensitive data is always protected. This not only gives your customers peace of mind, but also helps you build trust and credibility in the market.
Replaces multiple SaaS with one connected, integrated solution
EAutomate is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for your team to adapt and use. It provides real-time visibility into your operations, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. It also reduces manual tasks and errors, saving you time and resources.

Moreover, EAutomate is a scalable solution. As your business grows, it can easily adapt and expand to meet your changing needs. It also integrates seamlessly with other systems, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

In addition, EAutomate is a secure solution. It uses advanced security measures to protect your data and ensure compliance with regulations.

In conclusion, EAutomate is a comprehensive and flexible solution that can transform your operations and drive your business growth. It is a smart investment that can deliver significant returns in the long run.
Humans and computers working in perfect harmony
Adding intelligent process automation, to a customer-centric process ecommerce process, removes the burden and cost of having your staff deliver low value administrative tasks freeing them up to focus on higher value more creative activities.
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