Education and Training
Automation for education
Education and training solutions for excellent customer interaction
Education and Training providers are focussed on providing engaging solutions that help their customers learn and experience information. At Etellect, we provide intelligent, engaging solutions that provide an excellent customer experience.
Customer Database Management
Customer Database Management
Manage all your customer records through our integrated CRM platform which fully controls your contact and customer information.
Provide your education and training customers with an excellent customer buying and returns experience through our eCommerce solution.
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
A built-in marketing automation tool will ensure your customers are automatically kept up-to-date with education and training information as it is generated, providing new and existing customers an enjoyable and connected experience.
Mobile First
Mobile First
Ensure your customers can engage with your educational establishment or training business on a mobile or tablet device to access their account details, seamlessly contact your organisation, buy products and receive automated communications.
Payment Solution
Payment Solution
A full integrated payment solution, EPayment from Etellect links with all major UK acquirer banks and automates the management of all payment activities.
Ensure you are always on top of your retail performance with our standard and customisable reporting function.

Your data is your business and data flow is its life blood. This flow of customer data is what gives businesses using eAutomate™ the edge.

Our eCRM tool does everything you would expect from a CRM system, but its real power lies in it being part of the eAutomate™ platform, which brings the power of automation and real customer intelligence.

Timely presentation of real-time information through tailored dashboards enable fast and accurate decision making. Trends are automatically recognized, enabling you to delight your customers.


Communicate with your customers from any channel they choose using SMS, Email and physical mail - or create your own forms and marketing campaigns with custom landing pages.

Your eMarket dashboard is your sales and prospects funnel and its powered by the eAutomate™ platform which provides the intelligence to deliver timely, relevant, laser targeted communications to your customers on their terms. This means no more spam for your customers and more sales for you and they'll love you for it.

You can even schedule automated tasks to do all of your data mining or sales communications for you. What will you do with all that spare time?


At Etellect, we consult with you to build the perfect online selling portal for your business. 

eSell integrates the entire customer journey. It seamlessly supports Omni-channel selling with via mainstream ePos systems, online marketplaces and can effortlessly with any compatible third party application using our extensive REST based API.

What gives eSell the edge is that it fuses the power of a fully integrated enterprise eCommerce website with the strength of the back office.  eAutomate™ can replace your existing website and in-flexible back office systems with a fully integrated cloud based, customer led, automation engine.

eAutomate™ takes responsibility for the entire online customer journey; putting the customer back in direct control of their personal shopping experience. It works 24/7, is always on, and fully controls the customer experience and orchestrates the back office function; from automatic stock management and replenishment, order processing, returns management and payment reconciliation.  Only automation can deliver this level of integration. 

Start selling more - with eAutomate™.


At Etellect, we analyse your business and create user centered and goal orientated responsive websites to suit your brand and business needs.

We offer completely tailored application and web design services that incorporate planning and scoping, interface design and 3rd party software integration like google maps, or popular social media platforms. If you want it, we can build it and host it on our robust and secure infrastructure - no matter what shape or size.

Our eCMS tool set then puts you in complete control of your website content and structure and automates the publishing of timely information when necessary.

Humans and computers working in perfect harmony
Adding intelligent process automation, to any people-centric process, removes the burden and cost of having your staff deliver low value administrative tasks, freeing them up to focus on higher value more creative activities.
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Our technology solutions are designed for more established businesses and organisations that are struggling to maintain customer experience with existing systems and integrations. If you believe your business or organisation could benefit from our innovative digital solutions, we would love to hear from you. Why not contact us today to setup a free discovery meeting? Only when we understand the challenges you face, can we make a difference.
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