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We capture the intelligence of your people and processes and automate it

Maximise the productivity of your workforce with eAutomate

Etellect is expert at creating, implementing and supporting people-centric automated workflows. We customise our technology to suit your unique processes, thus ensuring you can maximise the productivity of your workforce, manage skills availability and ensure your business can compete in this highly competitive and digitised world.

We have delivered solutions across many industries and market sectors, making us uniquely able to support any complex custom business requirements. From eCommerce to CRM, integrated payment systems and billing engines to workforce management and field service automation. Why not talk to us? We can build a digital solution to fit your specific business need using our powerful 4th generation automation engine.

We make moving to the cloud an efficient and practical prospect, and more importantly we make this sustainable and affordable for businesses in the longer term.

The push to move businesses to the cloud promised lower costs and higher productivity. in reality the move to the cloud has been a painful and expensive process being locked into costly vendor subscription models, that do little to add value or reduce the overall cost to the business. We believe there is a better way that not only increases productivity but in doing so reduces the overall cost of IT across the business.

Solutions tailored to your business
Our technology solutions are designed for more established businesses and organisations that are struggling to maintain customer experience with existing systems and integrations. If you believe your business or organisation could benefit from our innovative digital solutions, we would love to hear from you. Why not contact us today to setup a free discovery meeting? Only when we understand the challenges you face, can we make a difference.
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