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Robotic Process Automation driving a Digital Workforce

Posted in General on Thursday, 17 May 2018
Robotic Process Automation driving a Digital Workforce

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) isn’t the scary phenomenon that it was 3 years ago. We are seeing more and more businesses using software automation to drive their business processes, with one key goal in mind – improving overall business efficiency. RPA provides businesses with a Digital Workforce that complements their existing human workforce. It is a process where software robots can integrate with existing systems via a software platform to work alongside humans and drive not just businesses efficiencies, but overall business innovation.

In today’s competitive world where improvements in productivity are paramount to sustaining a profitable long-term business, every business should be considering a Digital Workforce to carry out repetitive administrative tasks as robots are significantly more efficient at these elements than people. Allocating robots to these types of tasks frees up your workforce to operate on more innovative projects and tasks, resulting in a more highly skilled, driven workforce who get great job satisfaction and better paid positions within your business.

Etellect’s eAutomate® is a Robotic Process Automation platform that helps improve the overall product efficiencies within a business. It manages your digital workforce, replacing repetitive administrative tasks with process robots and uses technology to make the business more efficient. Early Years Scotland (EYS), a membership organisation for under 5’s in Scotland, has launched a deposit guarantee scheme for nurseries funded by Scottish Government. EYS is using Robotic Process Automation, through the eAutomate® platform, to augment its existing workforce with a Digital Workforce, where the technology is managing the repetitive administrative elements within the registration and data collection process. eAutomate® has been able to run 80% of the administrative element of the deposit administrative process, saving EYS the resource of an additional 3 process focused administrative positions. EYS has been able to create an efficient service that is customer driven, has only taken 7 days to set up and implement and is fully GDPR compliant.


“There are no longer limitations to the type or size of business who can harness the power of a flexible Digital Workforce using RPA. Businesses can adopt an RPA toolset at an affordable price point, especially when comparing traditional IT costs and overheads. It’s a granular process and will work for either a stand-alone project or as a process to drive the entire workflow of a business. It helps drive process efficiencies enabling you the time to work on other elements of the business that make you more competitive and customer focused. It is the future for all process driven administration tasks”.

Greg Lavelle, creator of eAutomate®.

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