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Automation and AI predicted to soar in 2019

Posted in General on Friday, 11 January 2019
Automation and AI predicted to soar in 2019 Automation and Better Human / AI Collaboration are top of Forbes technology predictions for 2019.  This is excellent news for Etellects’ customers as these have been the focus areas of our technology innovation over the last few years.

Entrepreneur and member of Forbes Technology Council Jon Bradshaw creator of Machine Learning time management solution, Calendar believes increased automation will create more tools and apps to deliver time-consuming, repetitive tasks for consumers and business owners*.   

Our robotic process automation solution eAutomate® delivers just that! Built on a single point of truth database, eAutomate® automates the administrative processes of an organisation using a digital workforce, which in turns frees up the human workers to work on more innovative, income generating processes and projects. eAutomate® can handle complex automation workflows that don’t lose sight of the end goal in their dealings with real customer challenges.  Businesses need that flexibility, in their day-to-day interactive customer processes, to ensure they can adapt to an ever-changing, dynamic business environment.  

According to Forbes Technology Council member Mohit Bhende from Karat, 2019 will be the year that companies focus on getting datasets consistent and teaching humans to collaborate with AI without giving it too much power (something we didn’t quite get right in 2018)*.   

Customers certainly won’t thank you if forced to interact with an AI chat bot that claims to understand their complex needs, when in reality they are simply regurgitating information readily available on the company website. This not only leads to high levels of customer dissatisfaction, it will generally be counter-productive to the organisation and fail to deliver on the original aims and result in a negative ROI. To be able to offer true RPA, within the context of an interactive, customer led business activity, it is essential that the robot can execute even the most complex of business operations. Employing the services of an army of AI chat bots, that aren’t directly connected to the integrated business workflow of the organisation, is simply not a viable nor practical long-term solution to improving the productivity of the organisation and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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What technology trends or challenges are you predicting for 2019?

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