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The Power of One
We believe that software should be easy to update, insightful and agile. This simple philosophy transcends all aspects of our software design process and encapsulates the essence of what makes our cloud based applications so powerful and effective. Our innovative cloud based solutions are intelligent, secure and built from the ground up to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. Through the intrinsic strength, flexibility and robustness of our eAutomate framework ensures that your clients' stay ahead of their competition and benefit from the latest trends and innovations, as they become available.   


Single source of truth
Single source of Truth

Having your business critical data instantly accessible and available to all operational processes is essential for modern, on demand software applications. Having a single and complete repository of this data that can enable instant and accurate decision making is essential to harnessing the power of software automation.

Only when there exists a single, consistent and live data source can a business function efficiently and appropriately to customer need, at the right time and in the right context.

Single Security Model

Security is essential to ensure data remains protected at all times. Etellect has taken this concept further by ensuring all data is access through single gatekeeper that safeguards data blocking any access that fails to authenticate using the appropriate encrypted handshake protocol.

Having a single application wide security model spans data, processes and devices giving flexible control based on user need, but ensuring data privacy and security measures are enforced seamlessly.

Single Security Model
Single Architecture
Single Architecture

Etellect’s cloud based infrastructure ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest technology innovations and processes without even knowing it.  We’re onto it while you sleep!

  • Our business technology solutions run completely in the cloud
  • The single architecture enables and integrates with the continuous evolution of technology
  • We strive for 100% performance, satisfying the requirements of the most complex organisations
Single Application Layer

Having embraced ‘the power of one’ it is only after experiencing the benefits of our single approach to application delivery does our business software delivery become truly transformational. When each user interacts with your business they are effectively leveraging and engaging with the very same business logic that powers your core back office processes.

This is key as it ensures increased accuracy across all business processes and gives each of your customers a personalised and consistent interface with your organisation.


Single Application Layer
Single User Experience
Single User Experience

Having a single and consistent user experience across any device is key to delivering an intuitive and effective experience for your workforce. Our approach to providing a single user experience across any device and at any time ensures maximises the effectiveness of each user limiting the need for training across multiple systems and applications. Etellect gives you the tools needed and your workforce will love you for it. 

Knowledge is power

Our platform and service offers the best value to you when we get inside your business. You know your business and customers better than anyone and we have the tools, software and knowledge to give you the edge. Why not connect with us and find out more about what makes us special and in turn we can get a better understanding of what is special about your business and maybe together we can do something wonderful.

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