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Digital marketing is the biggest driver of sales leads and audience engagement in today’s digital world. And if you’re not at the table, you really are missing a trick! 

At Etellect we understand the power of digital marketing and work with some of the most creative minds in our industry.  We have a wealth of experience working with some of the UK and Europe’s leading global brands, creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns and getting great results for our clients! From digital strategy to tactical campaigns, we can guide you along the way.

We work with a range of brands across multiple industry sectors. We’ll let their digital marketing success stories tell our story……

Search engine optimisation
Having a templated, mass produced website is like having a car with a steering wheel but with no windows.

The Internet today has matured considerably in recent years and today's search engines are becoming ruthless in the pursuit of quality content.
Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram.  Social Media has become a critical part of any businesses digital strategy, but to ensure it works effectively, you need to have a strategy.  At Etellect, we understand the power of social media and how effective it can be. We can help you create a tactical strategy to reach your goals, whether that is lead generation, building audiences, brand positioning or selling products through paid for or organic social campaigns.

You benefit from

  • A tactical social media strategy that engages your target audiences and/or helps you enter new markets.
  • Increased traffic and conversions
  • Better use of paid for campaigns to meet your goals
Social media
Paid search
Paid search

There are a range of paid for search tools that you can use to position your business. We want to maximise your budget, so will work with you to define your objectives, identify your keyword, choose the best paid search tool and create successful campaigns.

You will benefit from

  • High rankings on search platforms whilst the organic search is building
  • Direct links to keywords
  • Effective, measurable campaigns
Content & creative

Delivering creative campaigns that get results and developing a content strategy that conveys your messages in line with your business objectives is key to the success of any business.  We will work with you to create designs and content that really works. From corporate brand design to product design, our team will create aesthetically appealing designs that meet your goals and engaging content that portrays your key messaging.

Content & creative
Branding and design
Branding & design

Branding and design is critical to positioning you within your market. Get it right and it can mean fantastic results. Get it wrong and it could have a serious, detrimental effect on your company.

Whether it’s a re-brand or creating a new brand for a new business or product line, design of a suite of digital marketing tools or a web template, we can work with you to achieve a brand that really works and aligns with market perception.

You will benefit from

  • Creation of a name, imagery, icons, tone of voice and strapline that defines your brand
  • Logo, imagery and template design
  • Branding guidelines to ensure your brand works across all digital and offline channels
  • A brand and design that really engages your target customers
Humans and computers working in perfect harmony
Adding intelligent process automation, to any people-centric process, removes the burden and cost of having your staff deliver low value administrative tasks, freeing them up to focus on higher value more creative activities.
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Our technology solutions are designed for more established businesses and organisations that are struggling to maintain customer experience with existing systems and integrations. If you believe your business or organisation could benefit from our innovative digital solutions, we would love to hear from you. Why not contact us today to setup a free discovery meeting? Only when we understand the challenges you face, can we make a difference.
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